Returning Player (93M SP) Looking for BLOPS Group

I am a returning player (US CST with 92M skill points) looking to join someone who knows how to BLOPS and does so on a regular basis. I am very interested in becoming a solid BLOPS pilot/hunter, and it seems difficult to find a corp or group that specializes in it. Several corps claim to perform BLOPS activities but when checking their killboard, there are minimal/zero BLOPS kills. I used to probe down and pirate mission runners in low sec, but it has been quite a long time since then. I would like to learn more about hunting and get back into it. I do not have a lot of BLOPS or capital experience, but I currently find these aspects of the game to be the most interesting.

I am also open to other forms of PVP, and I have a fair amount of PVP experience in all types of space. However, I would like to find a home with a BLOPS emphasis.

I look forward to your responses.

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Just do Bomber’s Bar, it’s the best BLOPs you’ll get and it’s NPSI.

No corporations solely do BLOPs, it’s just a tool in their toolbelt for more content. Do a week of Bomber’s Bar and you’ll see why.

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I am not looking for a corp that does solely BLOPS. I just want a group that does BLOPS on a regular basis. I want to be involved in other forms of PVP as well.

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