Returning player after 2years , 55m SP, want to join wormhole corp

I am returning into this game after 2 years, burnout with other games. I was in null-sec corps, mainly was focused on mining and PI stuff… this time I want to do PVP. If u guys are interested. right now, i am like trying to do PVP in null and j-space with my astero, and like camping the data sites. About me, I am from Singapore, and i have a speaking disability, so not going to speak much, but I understand English quite well. I usually play after eve reset till like 18-20 eve time.

And I don’t care if I lose millions of my own isk doing pvp, I just want to do it. So if any corp is interested, then let me know :stuck_out_tongue:

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Love Drama? Do you like being screamed at by FC for being 2mins late to a Fleet? Prefer to do your fighting on the keyboard instead of against players?. Then we aren’t the Corp for you
Looking for the best PvE and PvP Corp? with the most competent pilots and hardcore PvPers ready and willing to teach you their tricks? well we’re not that Corp, but if you want a group of laid back dudes who like having a good time making isk and taking a fight, this may be the Corp for you!
Hell we are all a little off so if your idea of a good time is staying up till down time to rid space of her Roid problem or hanging out too huffing her Gas some of us might join you, i know i will!!
join our in game recruitment channel “ZOLDS Pub” or contact Nanika Zoldyck or Ziosis in game for more info.

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