Returning player LFC WH, Null, PVP (2 toons)

Hi thanks for clicking!

I have 2 toons Psirous, and Katen Kyokotsu.

I am returning after awhile off EVE, trying to find a good corp to get into, preferably WH, but null also. I’ve played since the beginning(sold off toon) and have been through null second alliances, wh corps and even had pirate days.

Both toons can fly T3 Strat cruisers, one being good in battleships, Psirous has around 50m SP. Looking for a calm, cooperative corp to be in.



I’ve dropped you an in game mail.


Hey Psirous, welcome back to Eve.

We may be what you’re interested in over here at Critical Horizon - a junior C4 WH PVP corporation. I’m not sure what TZ you’re in, but we are primarily US based with a growing EU/AUTZ. If our corp ad below strikes your interest, stop by our Discord to have a chat.

Recruitment Ad


Sounds like you might be a good fit for us, depending on what timezone you’re active in.

Small, tight knit group with mostly PvP veterans ranging from 100-200m SP with multiple alts. Role-based microgang PvP and awesome wormhole brawls when we run into them!

Bruh. Come check out Capsuleer Outfitters.
We are all over 25. Core group comes from military background. As long as you have thick skin and like to f around we are an awesome group of guys.
We have sov in Vale. Pvp fleets pretty much every night and systems to krab if you so choose.

Check out our add and feel free too drop by out public channel or discord.

Look forward to seeing you!

Hi Psirous!

Am hoping we could be the Corp of your Dreams! come check us out o7

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