Returning player looking for a home

A friend of mine just died and want to play in his memory as we did a long time ago. Things have changed a bit. Years ago we ran a start corp had a moon. I have discord and currently three toons with omega clones. I live in WA state play in the evening time. One toon is geared toward pve, pvp, and mining. The 2nd is a miner and third is a miner and crafter. They all have like 33 mil + skill pts. They some gear.
Looking to relearn and play with some good ppl willing to take the time to teach an old dragon the new ways again.

Hey remeese,

Popped you an in game message.

I’m sorry for your lost!

I am currently in Holy Hunters, a small US PvP corporation living in a C4 with C3-C4. These 2 statics are great for small gang fights and solo ISK making ( Up to 250m/h in C3 and 500m/h in C4).

We are PvP focused but we do make ISK on the side. Second, we’re a group of people who are building friendship and playing other games together, such as valheim at the moment. We want to grow large enough to take all fights even if we’re outnumbered! We do null sec or low sec roams sometimes.

Finally, being in a small WH corporation is great to learn all about WH mechanics and PvP in it as it’s much easier to teach you slowly but surely. The one thing is you must enjoy or willing to join a small corporation. We’re as active as a small corporation could be which could lead into some days being quiet. We definitely are looking to grow and it also depends on times, our week-ends are mostly dead but it’s hard for our student to get on during the end of the semester.

Our corp’s goal is to defend smaller WH corporation from eviction, once we grow large enough. If that sounds interesting, here is our discord link : Holy Hunters

Invictus Imperium is looking for Team players who are interested in PVE & PVP

We will provide content and corporation ops for:

*Corp/Alliance Discord(we ask you use it)
*Coalition Mumble

  • co-op abyssal runs
  • mission running
  • deep exploration runs
  • PI production chains
  • Incursion running
  • sponsored PVP
  • manufacturing
  • mentoring program

We welcome:

  • omega and alpha clones
  • no minimum SP required, just goodwill


  • the corporation is currently based in Fountain space 0.0 sov
  • we have acces to a stations owned by a corp and have our own moons
  • we have 10% tax rate to fund in corp SRP & have alliance SRP for alliance ops/coalition ops
  • we will offer ships with fits for the sponsored corporation ops
    *Corp buyback

If you want to talk more, send a PM or an email.
Wyvvern Psycorax - SA
Bioshibby thedestroyer - EU
Episcopus Raptor - EU
Vilewoman - US
Talon Blacksheer - US

Sorry to hear about your loss. that’s rough.

I’ve sent you an in game mail too in case you don’t see this here.

If you’re looking for a chill group that’s laid back and does a mix of pvp and pve in lowsec and wormhles, TDSIN is recruiting!

Some information about us:

  • We’re the executor corp for Scary Wormhole people and we’re turning 13 in May!

  • We’re a casual pvp group that’s social and outgoing and like hanging out on comms playing other games too.

  • We live in lowsec and wormhole dive, blops, and fight in k-space. We also have pve of all varieties and a very laid back attitude.

  • We also have an in game channel TDSIN Pub where you can hop in and have a chat with some of us and see if we’re the type of people you’d like to fly with!

Let me know if any of that interests you :slight_smile:


Firstly so sorry to read of your friends passing :’( Hopefully we could be a good place to reminisce and make some friends and have a laugh! drop by Ruthless Regiment, Heavy USTZ Nullsec Corporation is Recruiting! Seeking more EUTZ pilots!

If it’s community your looking for we got a great one. Sorry to hear about your friend. Condolences

We are The Order of Omerta and we are looking for more pilots who want to be part of a tight knit community.

We are into mining, indy, pvp and pve. We are newbro and returning players friendly with ppl who love to help.

We are The indy and mining backbone of our alliance and we have structures rigged ready for work and a Corp buyback and sellback program as well as access to coalition markets. Join our jukebox mining fleets and enjoy bullshitting and listening to music with us.

If you like pvp we got everything from sig groups to small gang roams to big coalition battles. SRP program and experienced FCs to lead you to glory. If you don’t like pvp no CTA requirements just help defend our space if ppl try to ■■■■ with us, Corp motto “mama didn’t raise no ■■■■■” we defend our ppl and our ■■■■.

If you like pve we got great ratting and a low Corp tax rate to let you earn more. Incursion access and great combat sites to help fatten those wallets.

We do fun group activities from pvp bait mining fleets to trivia nights and a Corp lottery for players new and old to win prizes.

Come join the family and see why our ppl love this Corp.

Hi, maybe we are something for you…>>Fayn Industries - don't join this corp

We are a small corp out in scalding pass under the Valkyrie alliance. We mainly do industry with pvp on the side. Being in the alliance gives us access to moon mining/ratting space/industry structures. Fleets can range from massive all hands on deck to chill small gang roams.

We tend to do some small gang roams ourselves on weekends or when we get bored. Our primary TZ is currently around 1800-0000 depending on everyone’s work schedules.
You are very much “free” to do your own thing out here. Only requirement is to assist with CTA pings if you are able. Real life comes first always so no one will yell at you for missing one.
join our discord and see if we are a fit for ya

Hey there my good man!

I’m a diplomat for Everything for Efficiency, a Sov Nullsec corp that specializes in mining, industry and PVP… I believe our corp would be a good match for you, we have a real life comes first approach and no mandatory schedules. Plus, we host ppl from America / EU and OCE TZ!

Our main activities include:


  • Local facilities for refining, research and production
  • Build supply chain network
  • Blueprint library (work in progress)


  • Mining boosts
  • Regular mining fleets
  • Moon mining
  • Buy back program for your raw materials (At a very profitable rate not many can offer)

We also go for small gang PvP and PvE activities.

If you are looking for PvP Fleets however:

Both our corp and our alliance host PvP fleets every single day and most days more than 2 of them so by joining our corp you will have a granted spot in the various activities the alliance offers pvp wise.

There are elite groups for blingy BS, caps and supers, all withing the same coalition, you will definitely find that there’s a good PVP background for you if that’s your thing.

Hope to hear from you!


For recruitment ask: Captain Sargen (Discord: Sargen#1266)

EveMail / Discord DM / Ingame channel: EFE-X Pub

NPC nullsec with moons to mine and a POS already set up if you want to remember the good old days! Can add more POS if you like that sorta thing…

Relatively quiet with no hard requirements. I can get you in contact with the right people for more info. Let me know!

Come check us out mate , we may have space for you :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Check us out if you’re still looking for a home. Really good people here.

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