Returning player looking for a new home

86m SP pilot returning after a lengthy absence. Looking for a corp in null sec where I could rat either Guristas (preferred) or Sansha. Would like to setup some decent PI and would like to get involved in some PVP (not going to lie… I’m rusty as everything has changed since I last played.

I’m looking for something fun as RL can at times be chaotic as I have 4 kids and one is a new born.

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We only have drone anoms but those are decent. Check us out!

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Give us a look! And give a shout to one of our recruiters, you won’t regret it :slight_smile:

Hi Congratulations we have all family so we really understand you well. we are also waiting the 3 th baby . so pretty almost in the same boat with you . we are in guristas space whats your timezone ? and do you have a dread alt or are your able to get one ? check as bellow our corp recruiment letter as bellow and come lets have a chat in our discord…

Hay bud
Am look for someone thats good in pi look for a member that make p4 we have a low/high sec pocket to work in also you will be supplied with any and all command center you need… need this p4 to help in construction of station

Hey Darth, welcome back.

I know it’s neither Guristas or Sansha space, but we are currently open for recruitment.
So if Angels don’t scare you, take a look:


I am a new corp in null with Alliance umbrella. It may fit your needs - and please do message in game or here. I am away for the weekend (family - RL!) but will get back to you :smiley: We live in Great Wildlands so have similar rats that you are after!

hi did you find anythig ? If not stop by and lets have a convo or in-game channel: “Eclipse Pulsar HQ”


I don’t want to waste your time or mine but I know you would love it here within FAYN. We are an evolving corporation that as we stand right now hits all your points in your post.

I would like to chat with you at your convenience to see if we can answer any questions you may have. We are active and supportive which is perfect for the returning player.

In game channel FAYN.recruits
W ebsite

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