Returning player looking for a WH or Lowsec based corp

Hey everyone,

I am a returning player who has been on and off on EvE since around 2008. However, I have to say that basically all of my time in EvE I spent in big(ish) entities in nullsec. I want to try something new and I have never been doing WH or living in Lowsec space with small teams.

I have to say though that even if I know EvE for a long time I am extremely rusty, so a corp that has tolerance and is willing to teach something new is highly preferable.
Another thing to note is that I am aware of horrible zkillboard stats on this char - mostly because I did not do a lot of pvp on it and it just now became my main (and mostly the only) character.
I am not a hardcore player by any means, since I am quite busy with real life things, so a corp that is quite casual and laid back is highly prefered.

I have ~29M SP of which most are Combat related and I am self-sufficient ISK wise, so I won’t be going around and asking for a handout.

If anyone is willing to take me inside a casual and fun company feel free to contact me here or IG.


Hey we might be exactly what you’re looking for. Small but growing corp, don’t care about killboards just fun, mix of new and old players so we all teach each other.

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If you are interested in doing some smaller scale PvP, we could be interesting for you!

Don’t be too afraid from the WH aspect! Logistics can be a bit tricky, but the advantage of having a nullsec WH that goes to pretty much anywhere in eve makes it quite interesting

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Hey Aideron Robotics might be exactly what you’re looking for! We are a large lowsec/nullsec faction warfare corporation and we care about having fun, we have a mix of both new and old players and we accept all into our ranks and learn together.

Here’s our recruitment link:

Hello @Myung_Chul,

Welcome back and you are in for a nice surprise as things have progressed, especially for non-NS entities. We are a good WH Training Corp/Alliance and would like for you to give us a closer look.

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC -Jump to be Known!

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