Returning Player looking for Corp 14M SP

I’m a returning player after 8 year break.

My main is at 14M SP.

Relearning and familiarizing myself with all the changes.


Currently my favorite activity is exploring wormholes, though i’m up for anything involving group play.

I have mic and Discord.

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Maybe you can hang out with us. Meteor Industrial Complex. A relaxed and layed back fast growing industrial corporation in hs. Our core business is moon mining, engineering and wormhole running.

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Welcome back!

Our corp is dedicated to helping players learn to live, work, and fight in New Eden. We provide a lot of benefits to help you get where you want to go (ships, skillbooks, hands-on training, an extensive network of stations, a great alliance and coalition).

You can see our full recruitment page, with information for how to get in touch, here:

Great to have you back! See you soon!



Check us out


I think the Corp I’m in is pretty awesome, a great way to enjoy small gang pvp

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USTZ? Perfect.

We are nullsec-based, PVP focused (we do it all though, with the usual mining/explo/ratting included), and are situated in the south.


Come chat with us at EXDOM HUB channel in-game, or join our discord to speak to one of our recruiters.
🦅 [EXDOM] US/EU Nullsec - Active and Social PVP Corp

If youre USTZ, social/on comms, and like to just hang out and enjoy the game, then we’re the corp for you.


Hey dude, we’re a PVP and industry alliance based in Syndicate

RDC is a great bunch of people to be around to re-learn the game. I recently got back myself after six years out.

Come find us in game at Red Steele channel.

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Hi Bfaxi,

Welcome back to EVE. If you’re still in the market for a new corp, look us up Vontrap Family Crackheads.

We’re a small chill corp that is affiliated with a FW Alliance. We operate in lowsec for small gang pvp and faction warfare, while we also have a patch of sov space for our mining/ratting needs.

Message IGN: Jammer0331 / Tom Karyon / GroundZro for any questions you may have.

Fly Safe,

If you’d like a 0.0 corp that is newbro friendly, willing to train you in pvp, and has easy access to high sec but still plenty of people to shoot check out Troll Legion, if you like what you see visit our public channel Trolling Grounds

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