Returning Player Looking for Corp

First welcome back to eve! I think you would be a great fit for our Corp, JREX. we are a smaller, player focused Corp within a larger pirate alliance called intergalactic space hobos. Real life is first, but we do want active players. No CTA’s and that null-sec if you don’t show your out business. JREX fleets and alliance fleets usually range from EUSTZ to NATZ. Fleets can be as early at 1700-0530. Of course there’s content everywhere and you can pick and choose which fleets you go to. We have moons to mine and lots of experience in PvPing. We want chill guys who like to PvP. If you mutlibox PvP that’s even better because many of us do that too (it’s not mandatory, but a plus).

So Brandon, start your adventure with JREX today. Our blurb and recruitment thread is linked below.