Returning player looking for mining corp

What I am looking for :
A null sec corp with nearly 24/7 mining op.

What I bring to the table:
max core skills
decent to high end mining skills
max scanning skills.
Can participate in pvp defensive fleets.
Can fly nearly all non super cap ships in game.
I can probably be online 10+ hrs daily , 7 days a week for the rest of the pandemic.
Terabit connection, Discord, TS.

Hi, Flashrain –

Take a look at us, and if there’s interest, reach out to me.

We are looking for someone to help drive our Mining Arm.

We have max-upgrade Mining Systems operating under a SuperCapital Umbrella.

We make SuperCapitals and Titans… and we definitely need Ore.

We might be a perfect match for you!

– Corvar Estidal

Hey there!
We may be able to provide what you’re looking for!
Here is our thread, reach out to us in game or over discord.
We’d love to talk with you!

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