Returning player looking for WH corp UK timezone


I am a returning player 50m SP, very rusty mostly forgotten everything but looking to get back into some PVP make some isk and have some fun.

Looking for UK/EU timezone

Hopefully going to have a look at WH corps/space as its one place i never managed to get to

Please drop me a message or hit me up in game

Vin o7

You Are Welcome With Us :grinning:

Hi there m8

welcome back.

i know you are looking for wh space but if you can consider pochven please have a look at the banner below with some goos reasons to why you should consider us

take care

Hey vincore!

I believe we may be what your looking for, we are primarily UK with some EU guys too. We are a C4 ((C3/C5)) PVP corp.

Unlike a lot of corps, we really do focus on corp culture and being close-knit, we play other games together and have a lot of banter.

If your interested at all drop by our discord and ping @recruiters. Were always happy for a chat :slight_smile:

Recruitment Ad


As an ex-wormhole alliance executor… come to k-space man. The recent faction warfare expansion has brought wormhole-like brawls to lowsec, and they’re nonstop. No scanning for 2 hours just to find nothing, and the logistics is much easier.

Come have a chat. We are an eu (predominantly uk) wh corp looking for chilled out ovo enthusiasts!


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