Returning Player looking to get back into Wormhole space

It’s been a little over 7 years. She has just under 20m sp. This character was my alt and set up for PI. She should be GTG for PVP very soon.

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Parthenon Inc Recruiting for WH Space.

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Hey o7

We are a small WH Corp looking to expand.

Pretty chilled out, we wont take a cut of any ISK you generate, have a solid SRP, secure in our C2 (HS/C4 Static) with a small “floating city” ready to facilitate all your production/mining/research etc needs (I dont know about that rubbish… it bores me personally!) and yes, we PVP.

Ill PM you in game but I find a chat works better than typing to see if we are both a good fot so let me know if you are interested and Ill set up a convo :slight_smile:

Good luck if not us but if so then I guess we will talk soon :slight_smile:


Hello @Pusbags,

You should give @TheJeepMan and their Corporation a super close look, you will not regret it!

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC - Jump to be Known

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I think we could be a good fit

Check us out!

Latest video:

Welcome back to Eve Life! Good luck to you, and keep us in mind if you ever want to make the move to a null sec corp.

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