Returning player looking to work in HS doing Indy

I have my own 3 acct small corporation looking to work with another player/group to do some HS crap. I am casual player due to RL work commitments. Maybe another person/corp or alliance would like to collect extra taxes?

Hey, we could be a great fit. We are a hs indy/mining and pve corp. We have a pocket with our own athanor and raitaru, good belts and neighbors along with plentiful allies.

We do have an alliance structure, so if you wanted to keep your small corp, you could join the alliance and keep the continuity with your corp name, then use our shared discord and comms etc. Or you could just join the corp.

Here is our recruitment thread with more info and a link to our public discord. [US/EU] The Ringing Vale is recruiting new players looking for solid training, sign on offers avail

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