Returning player needs a group

hello commanders !

i have dabbled back into eve for the first time, played for a few months then took a year or so break.
I think i have 44mil SP, and skilled towards golem/marauder lvl 4/5 for caldari, and own a few of those ships. i did strictly, l4 missions, escalations, and PvE, and SoE. you get the idea, yuuuup, imma care bear !

i played solo the entire time looking up thousands articles online, guides and videos, doing self help work was fun, and allot to take in. games great and unforgiving, i knew that coming into it also, and learnt my lesson many, many times sadly.

i decided to give it another go see where it takes me this time, only with a new vision, to join a corp, or group, clan which ever it may be here and take my journey to a whole other level.

id like to join said group in hopes of trying some PvP, possible mining, ESS sites??, and more challenging ventures. making friends and ISK would be my goal - i am a care bear at heart but don’t get me wrong i also have a heart of a lion, loyalty and honor guides me.

So if you are okay with the fact i have a life outside of EvE and cant 100% commit to time events or group activities that require certain meet-ups, then i am open for requests, again my goals would be to;

  1. learn PvP
  2. learn mining, but still up in the air with this
  3. make ISK versus time=/=spent, did the abyss stuff T3,4,5. so over that 1000x
  4. group support player
  5. Active group looking to do stuff together while having chill fun, no sweats.

leave a reply here and ill get back to you !

i am a caldari member and currently my main ships are located in Jita with a bunch spread out doing missions etc.

North American - West

what TZ r u ? w are a small corp living in NS we are EU TZ mainly, jump into shield107 in game for a chat if u think we might be a good fit ?

ahh yeah, I guess I forgot that, updated thanks !

North American - West

In game mail sent Empress ShayLynn, hope to chat further, happy new year!

Hi my corp is a mining, industry, PVE and we do PVP on the side as well. We are based in High Sec Gallente space. We are a laid back chilled group that uses Discord for the social side while playing Eve. Check out the “Purple Void Corporation” thread and have a read to see if you like our corp or alternatively you can contact me.


If you want to learn PvP in a Wh corp where we spend little time krabbing but we make a bunch because we want to learn PvP, here is some info about us :

Hello and Happy New Years!!!

Welcome back to Eve. I’m going to drop in our corp recruitment so you may take a look at it. We would love to have you in DYVN if your interested. Feel free to convo me in game or hop in our discord. We have no time requirements or CTA requirements…your time is your own.

Hey sent you a message in game; hope you find yourself a great new home!

It spunds like we might be a fit. Come by and chat on our discord.

HELLO we are a laid back corp located in scalding pass join our discord and see if we are a fit for you REPZ

hello to all that replied,

please note i have a busy life schedule and my work hours are high on weekdays, also should have mentioned this, as i can understand some fleets/guilds are time oriented/sensitive.

also, i will get back to you TOMORROW or in game when i login which ever comes first, i still have not forgotten about any of you thanks in return !

my work hours are 16-18 hr days ~

@Edrik_Prime @L0rdF1end @Wyndii_Chelien @Kiven_Foster @Almwen @General_E_Lost @mattceza @dogsoldier82

Welcome back, Empress ShayLynn,
I see you already have a few offers to consider, but wanted to throw my hat in the ring. I’m Cephelange, or Ceph (“Seff”), lead recruiter for Aegis Reforged.
Our goal in Aegis is to recruit the player, not the character(s); yes, your character is how you interact in game, but, it’s more important to us how you interact as a person with our other members.
We’re part of the Already Replaced alliance, based in the Immensea region of nullsec. Like the other corps here, we can provide opportunities to run combat sites, mine asteroids and moon ore, and participate in PvP fleets. Our corp leadership has players experienced in all of those areas, and are more than happy to teach and guide folks. We are absolutely okay with real life taking precedence; we want you to actually enjoy logging on to do things with the corp and/or alliance. Our members play across many time zones, but, predominantly EU and NA; our CEO is an Aussie, though we don’t hold that against him.
If this sounds interesting at all, please check out our recruiting post for more details.
Wherever you end up, I hope it’s the best fit for you.

Would love to hear from you <3

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