Returning player needs info about on what is needed for PVE correclty today


So I’m kinda thinking in returning to the game after years without having playing it, if I’m not mistaken last time I played was 2014 and I only had the chance to do PVE back in the day with some friends.

Now I’m looking to find a decent(or even a good one) corp for incursions(if they are still around), know the “new” basics of what’s necessary to do PVE correctly, and not be a burden in the process, like skills and fittings until I can get a better experience to go PVP.

Also I would love to know some meta-info about the corps nowadays.Common problems, what most people look for in the EVE experience, what people mostly do to get the most benefits of their time in-game and alike.

Thanks for anyone who replies.

(PS:English is not my native leanguage, so if I didn’t explained something correctly please correct me)

Incursions are very old now. You should look at Triglavian/Edencom PVE now. This site can give you the idea:

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Public incursion communities for Sansha incursions:
WarpToMe (WTM) - - shield doctrine
The Ditanian Fleet (TDF) - - armor doctrine

Corps may also have their own Incursion groups - those are simply two communities that run publicly-accessible fleets.

Note that incursions now have significantly reduced spawn due to CCP’s focus on the Invasion content for Triglavians.

Thank you Mkikaden, I’ll take a look.
I’ll also take a look on these new invasions you mentioned, have no idea of what this is about but I hope it’s interesting.

Xeux’s link is related to the Invasion content - Traglavians (‘things’ from Abyssal space) are invading empire space, and the Big 4 empires have banded together to form a response organization called EDENCOM to defend space. This has actual game-changing impacts (like dropping security status of areas in a supposedly permanent fashion) and the NPCs for both sides will pod-kill players based on a special set of standings mechanics that are separate from all other standings (and not influenced by existing Social skills).

The background is complicated, but some people find it fun.

Thanks both of you, this actually looks kinda interesting PVE content!
Never though EVE would get around to do that…I’ll start right away and maybe thanks to you I’ll be able to be back in action in no time.

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The turnout for all of the Triglavian stuff was pretty good. Earlier iterations were just get-rich-quick garbage. This current even has a very high level of engagement by the players, even though it isn’t particularly profitable. CCP is probably very happy about how this is working for them.

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