Coming back to free version after 5 years away. What to do?

I have been away from eve for 5 long years! I wanted to try out the free version and see if I can perhaps get back into enjoying eve. What can I do that is fun on the free version?
There used to be a public channel where incursions were ran out of, not sure if incursions are still a thing or not, but curious what channel might do something similar to that?
Also there used to be a public bombers channel where a decent FC would organize a pvp roam with bombers or interceptors or whatever, mostly cheap ships for people to get some pvp experience. Is that still a thing? What is that channel so I can join?

What decent ships can I fly as a free account?

You have chosen to come back during a major event!

There are Triglavian invasions happening right now that have pretty big player turnout. Edencom reperesnts the empires.

Join in game “Triglavian Kybernauts” or “Edencom Soldiers” for the respective side that you wish to join.

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Awesome, thank you! I’ll check it out!

Incursion public groups are primarily run via WarpToMe (dedicated forum | ship fits) and The Ditania Fleet (website). Both are newbro/returning-bro friendly, but do expect you to have a doctrine fit before joining.

Links may be out of date - I grabbed them off google. Should be enough to get your started though!

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