Returning player on new alpha account looking for advice

I’m a returning player starting a new alpha account (started today) looking to get into ganking. I have very limited playtime so I want something that earns high isk for when I do get to play.

About me:

  • I’m in this for the isk. I couldn’t care less about your philosophy behind why you gank. I’m looking to go after profitable targets not miners and autopilots.

  • I don’t have much time and when I actually have time free is erratic. I’m looking for a corp with a fairly high active member count that has fleets available most of the day (through alliance is fine), preferably in EU times, that operates a drop in drop out fleet policy with no commitments.

  • I am using an alpha account and have no plans to turn it omega. I MIGHT plex it or I might use the isk for other things. I am seeking a corp that has no expectations on alphas turning into omegas.

  • What I do with my isk is none of your business, I will not provide an ESI.

  • I can listen to voice comms but I can’t speak due to personal reasons.

  • I’ve had PvP experience but never done high sec ganking before, and the pvp I have done was a long time ago. It has been a while and a lot has changed and I’m basically learning the game from scratch.

If anybody has any advice on what corps I should be looking at that may fit my needs, or if you’re in a corp that has recruitment terms in line with what I have indicated could you let me know what sort of isk your members pull per gank and per week I would appreciate it.

Anybody else with any other general advice I would also appreciate.

Edit : Oh and I already ahd a little look around and I’m following this plan:

Just join code or goons or something, you will drown in free gank ships/isk for ganking ect.

My advice: if you are set on being a scrub that doesn’t contribute anything more than an alpha clone then don’t expect to be showered in ISK and other rewards. Free ships is the limit for that participation level. So either up your contribution to the overall success of the fleet/organization or lower your expectations.

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From what I’ve read alphas can train all the skills required to gank effectively so your comment is just stupid and unhelpful. And even if your point was valid how about you learn to talk to people in a respectful tone if you want them to pay you even the slightest bit of attention. I’m not sure why people like you think that speaking to people in such a manner makes you seem big and important. You need to learn that when you talk to people in that manner you’re seen as nothing but small, insignificant and pathetic. You become a waste of everyone’s time.

My adivice: Learn to adress people properly and with respect. Instead of throwing around insults what you should have said was:

“Alphas may not be able to contribute as much as you think they can, so fleets may not give you a full share payout. You may have to upgrade to omega to be able to fully contirbute to a fleet.”

I may have still disagreed but anybody who would have read it wouldn’t think you a pathetic waste of space just out to try to stir up trouble.

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Ignorant, entitled and thin-skinned, I think you are a much better match for anti-ganking.

You don’t see how your “requirements” are kind of out of whack?

You do know who your talking to right? These guys are THE foremost experts on the subject of ganking (and Eve in general). Take a look at your killboard, and now look at his.

but he is a typical hs suicider, there is thousands of them

In the golden age of multiboxed gank fleets I’m afraid your alpha clone dps isn’t very valuable at all. With your approach to this whole ganking for profit thing, don’t expect to find any group or individuals eager to show you how it’s done or have you tag along.

Might as well biomass this character and try again using a different attitude and approach.

Did you just admit that the ganking for a cause crowd are doing the exact same thing that they’re accusing miners of doing?

I’m not sure how being straight about wanting to gank for isk gain as opposed to spending my time enforcing somebody else’s idea on how people should play the game, being upfront about my limitations on playtime and the need for drop in drop out fleets due to erratic play times, my inability to speak on any coms (no, i’m not being lazy by not speaking, there are reasons that I can’t and I’m not going to post about private issues on a public forum) and the fact I’m seeking a corp that doesn’t require API keys is somehow a bad attitude. I gave as much relevant detail as I could so that people could point me in the right direction. I did not at any point imply that I was going to sit there and leech other peoples efforts and put no effort into what I do. Yet someone came into the thread and started tossing around insults and I pulled them up on it. I reacted harshly to that maybe, but not inappropriately. People should approach others and show respect if they want to recieve it in return. Yet instead of holding his hands up and saying okay maybe I shouldn’t have done that, his reaction is more petty insults and he has the delusion to call me thin skinned when he’s the one blowing up, I couldn’t really care about what anybody like that has to say never mind it getting under my skin. I honestly just think we should try to educate those who think the internet is an open license to act like a horrible bratty child in how to behave so that people actually take on baord what they have to say if they actually have something constructive to contribute. Coming into a thread an throwing insults and inconstructive criticism is just rude and adds nothing of value and people need to see when they do that they themselves are of no value to anybody.

But to stay on topic I don’t see how wanting to play with some good old fashioned piracy where the loot is shared fairly between the people devoting their time to the fleet over some imagninary crusade is a bad thing. Or is that not allowed in the sandbox?

It is allowed! Now go out there and make it happen1

As has been said several times this thread what you want doesn’t exist currently in Eve. There is no alpha-friendly, ganking for profit group that takes players like you. Maybe there should be, and certainly the mechanics don’t prohibit it, but it doesn’t exist right now.

I’m guessing you don’t have the time to start such a group, but good that you made this post that might spark the imagination if someone else to do so. I think such a group would be an awesome addition to New Eden!

Yarrr! :skull_and_crossbones:

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That’s just not how ganking is really done. There aren’t any groups out there that are going to reward your measly single catalyst dps. The spoils are typically shared with those that provide more meaningful and beneficial services such as: scouting, bumping, suicide aggression, looting, and general upkeep of the operation.

You will find that the organization that matches your desires most is Miniluv, a special interest group within Goonswarm (The Imperium). In order to receive a piece of the pie you will need to do more than what you describe. The funny thing is that the guy you mouthed off to is kind of a person you don’t wanna act like a pleb towards if you wish to get a piece of said “Miniluv pie”.

So it’s not that he was just being an asshole to you for the sake of it, but more likely because he and many other here (including me) dislike the attitude you displayed in your OP. Yes you were being honest and upfront, but the type of players that are actually desired are the ones that are beneficial other than pressing F1.

I hope you understand why you were talked to in such a manner. You could always try and start your own thing and somehow trick people that put forth 500x the effort that you do to help you… seems like a long shot though.

I’m still not understanding where you’re getting the impression that I would put zero effort into what I’m doing. Just because I need a corp that runs ops 24 hours a day doesn’t mean i plan to afk until it’s time to press f1 when I actually find the time to play. As for the various roles I have no issues performing those instead of DPS, even if it is sitting in a hauler for that particular play session. Variety would probably be more interesting than f1ing all the time in my point of view anyway.

I fail to see why participating in a gank doesn’t entitle you to a share of the loot regardless of what role you’re in. Regardless of whether you scout, dps or haul if you’re giving up your time for everyone to profit then you should profit also.

The current meta is that actual fleets of individuals isn’t required. The career gankers in these groups do gank in fleets with lots of individuals at times, but most of their ganks are done with their own personal multibox armies. A single person doing one thing just isn’t very valuable is all I’m saying.

That’s just not how it works currently with the groups out there in existence. I am not saying that it can’t be done, but that the group that controls the lions share of ganking right now doesn’t operate like that… the gank loot goes into the coffers, then at the end of the month is payed out to VIPs and individuals that play important and overly helpful roles.

There are others that you can gank with but they are very well setup themselves to multibox 10-25 accounts and so if you’re not putting in equal amounts of effort into the operation, there’s very little reason for them to even acknowledge you. It’s just the way it is.

If you want to work towards where these guys are at currently then I suggest as a bare minimum (2) accounts. Ganking on undocks or ganking on stargates… Ganking on undocks you’ll just need a ganker and a loot scooper. For ganking on stargates you’ll want a ganker and a scout (scanner), then you’ll want to log the scout (scanner) out and swap to the loot scooper. So ideally you want (3) or more accounts for ganking on gates to help with logistics.

Maybe start there and build to where you want to be.

Where are those thousands of gankers, please?

Please know that you do not require two accounts for suicide ganking, and that using a scout makes it more boring and more of a job. Hunting and killing purely for sports does not require two accounts and is far more fun and engaging than hunting for money, aka working. Plus, when people try to shoot you things can actually get really interesting.

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