Returning Player with no skill


I’m Terence Black, and I just started playing again. Long story short, I stopped playing because of work, which shouldn’t be a problem anymore now. Before I stopped I’ve played in Null sec as well as wormholes, although I’ll be entirely fair with you: I almost forgot everything, so I’ll need some help. The end goal would be piracy for me in a small/medium seized corporation. I have a pretty unstable life so I can’t really tell when I’ll be able to play or not. If you feel like I’d be an okay addition to your crew, let me know trough an in-game mail and I’ll answer asap.

I have sent a in game mail

Email coming tonight!

Federation of Freedom Fighters is looking for more PvP pilots to join us in Sov Nullsec. .

We offer:

-Daily PvP
-Competent FCs
-Great space for isk making rather it be Super Ratting or Rorq Mining
-SRP (Ship Refund/Replacement Program) for all fleet ships including Caps.
-Nice size ISK rewards for corp killboard scores monthly for Topkills & Top solo. (More to be added soon)
-Fleet ships available on corp contract and or handed out at fleet form ups.
-Discord and Team speak for Corp communications.
-Awesome ticker F-OFF
-We cover EU, early US, and late US TZs, with some ANZ.
-We do require an ESI check and voice comms interview.

You can join our in-game recruitment channel F-OFF NOW to speak to one of our recruiters or contact me in game. You can also get a hold of me on Discord Justin Starr STARR#8251.


Hey we are a new C5 WH PVP Corp. We want to grow to about 10-20 members. Our recruitment add is here:

Come on our discord and we can talk. Hope to see you soon.


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