Anoken Empire is Recruiting! New High Class Wormhole PVP/PVE Corp!


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Recruitment Status: OPEN

Anoken Empire is a relatively new C5 wormhole PVP group that is recruiting pilots who want to most importantly have fun. We are a laid back corp, with no monthly requirements, and our main goal is to grow into a 20-30 man group and start to get more involved in the wormhole PVP community. Like most corps, we want to expand our influence and power, and we need like minded pilots to do so.

We currently live in a Class 5 wormhole with a Class 4 static. We are moving into a C5-C5 or a C5-C6 relatively soon to expand PVP activities. We do a wide variety of combat activities, roams in nullsec and lowsec, hunting down chain, rage rolling, evictions, ect. We are a small group right now, but our players have very high SP amounts, we are experienced, and we are a laid back group that works together. The most important thing is we want to keep a family like structure in our organization. We understand that isk is needed to PVP, so the corp does ratting, exploration, and gas harvesting as well. We operate in the US, EU, and AU timezones. We have big ambitions for the corp and we want members who want to help grow us into something great.

What We Offer:

Rage Rolling



Small Gang Roams

Evictions (with a possible cut of the isk if you participate)

High Class PVE (lands 200-400 mil/hr with subcaps and 700-1200 mil with capitals)

Corp Buyback

Partial SRP

Corp Support

Gas Harvesting

Family Structure

What We Require:

At least 10 million SP

T2 tank skills

Must be able to fly one shield and one armor ship

Ability to scan (on a alt or your main)

A PVP over PVE attitude

Some sort of PVP experience

Basic game knowledge

Willingness to learn and participate

If you are interested in joining us, please join our discord here , post in this thread, or mail Zander Exvirus, Adolfi Kawasaka, or Alexandre TK, and we will get to you asap. Our requirements are somewhat flexible, but we do ask questions to get a feel for what you are like.

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Delet this
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Recruitment now open!!!

Returning Player, looking for small gang fun
50+ mil sp pilot w/multiple 50mil sp alts lf WH corp (low class)
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Bump! In need of a fax pilot!

175m SP PVP player Looking for PVP corp EUTZ
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Le Bump!

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SP req reduced!

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67M SP PVP returning player looking for fun
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