I'm interesting in a Corp

I’m interested in the possibility of joining a corporation that has a plan to expand and be great over time. I have a high work ethic, leadership skills and love to have fun/joke around. I would prefer a smaller corp to start where everyone is a someone and inclusive. A corp that has mature players only with no drama. I’d also prefer one that has a mix of players (male & female), from different parts of the world (US / Europe / AUS) etc… for added variety (English speaking only please). I’d also prefer a corp that has a 0% tax rate and one where I an free to do what I want when I want unless there are agreed/planned objectives as part of the overall goal(s) of the corp. I’m extremely reliable. I can generate my own ISK and do not expect handouts. I’m only interested in those corps that use Discord. I do travel a lot for business as I run a large company in North America but, when I am home relaxing I do have time at various hours to dedicate to the corp. I’m in NYC EST time zone.
I’m a new player - began in early December and I have reached 14M+ SP to date. I only use one account and I’m not interested in having several accounts to participate in such a corp. Right now, I generate my ISK from Planetary Production - Level 5, Market Trading & Hauling contracts and mostly my own goods around Eve. I have spent little to no time in PVP and this is something I would like to learn with some experienced pilots.
Being so new its hard really to know exactly what corp I might be interested in until I try but, I would focus on the people in the corp first as the most important part of building a team or being part of a team. I do enjoy watching some streamers play EVE and do read about the game off-line to always enhance my own knowledge of the game. I have been extremely impressed with the community and its help so far and I’m expecting the same type of quality people to be part of any corp I join. I am currently based in Gallente high-sec space - Verge Vendor area.
Eve has been a great find for me. Every time I log in I find myself trying to resist moving in this and that direction and sticking to a plan. Thus, finding a corp felt like the right thing to do now.
I hope to hear from you soon.
PS - If there are other pilots that share the same interests that want to friends up in anyway that would be also interesting to me while we look for a corp together.
Have a great day
Fly Safe


Fellow new player here… And I just joined a Corp that may be a bit bigger than your stated preference, but I can personally recommend as being well organized, helpful, and active-

Strategic Exploration and Development Corp

They are core members of the much larger
Silent Coalition SiCo

I thought there was a way for me to copy an in-game link to their Info page… But I can’t seem to figure that out.

Check them out in game.
Or you can see what the SiCo alliance offers all member corps at their website-

Hope you find a corp that suits you well!

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Hey there! If you are interested in worm hole space, give the fine people at Phantom Operatives a shout! We’re super casual WH corp that farms C3’s and take advantage of whatever pvp opportunities Bob provides us, as well as a budding industrial complex for manufacturing and production. We have a small but steady core of players, mostly USTZ, although we’d love to get some more EUTZ people. Anyway, I hope to seeya around! Please send me an in-game mail if your interested, or haunt the channel “Phantom-PUB”! Thanks and have a great day!

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Heeelo! HSFRS is a fun, growing gang living in C2 with HS/C4 static. Content in every direction! We enjoy all manner of iskie and KM generation. Hus, Ath, Rait, TS, Slack, TW yadder yadder…which ever way you turn we got resources, pve and pvp, and a quick path to market. JOIN US!

Sapphire Interstellar Capital Holdings may be a good fit for you. We are a medium RP corps, and a startup. Currently we are exploring Abyssal space with frigates. There are several very skilled PVP players, but we probably PvE more.

Let’s chat more.

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Thanks to everyone that replied and also messaged me in game. I’m taking the time to learn what each CORP offers to find the best fit. I’m not one to join and quit once I make a choice - thanks for your patience and if anyone else has a CORP that you feel would be a good fit for me please let me know. Thank you again.

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Brooklyn here

House of Tyrell - Null Sec Corp PvP, Indy & Much Much More

We are a fairly large but a tight-knit group that values quality in our pilots instead of quantity. Join us down in Null Sec and in our Mumble for never-ending content. We welcome all types of

pilots and offer a circus of activities in and out of our many systems for all your Eve entertainment. Some of the things we have to offer are PvP, PvE, Moon, Regular and mining ops, industry, shipping, and many more activities to come. We have many Fleet commanders, veterans, returning, and new players all willing to help, mentor joke around, and most importantly have fun. We have stories, knowledge about the game, and most importantly memes. Will your roar echo in the Book of Spod?

We understand that Eve is just a game and real life comes first but while online you can be anywhere from casual to a try hardcore player and fit right in on our Team Speak. We also have a discord that you can keep up to date with events and happenings. We are looking for new blood whether it is a veteran lion or New Eden cubs with at least 10 mill skill points.

Any Questions or PM/Email

Orange Lucifer

in game Or Join Chatroom

House of Tyrell

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come fly with us in delve! Asteroid Farm Unlimited - (ADFU) Null Sec Corporation - PVP, Ratting, Industrial

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Hey Rodhi,

I run a training corp specifically geared towards working with new(er) pilots such as yourself. We have a straightforward skillplan with pre-fitted ships on-hand to get you flying in any fleet from the first day, the first week, the first year. We do a wide range of activities: everything from industry (I do a lot of PI myself) to ratting to exploration to small-gang pvp to big cap fights. And we’re happy to work with you to keep you working towards your goals.

Our alliance is some of the most positive, helpful, decent people with whom I’ve had the pleasure to fly. We have activities all hours, and I’m specifically interested in US timezones.

You can drop me a line here, or come hang out in our public channel (“Gardeners’ Embassy”), or message me in-game for more information.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Fly safe o7


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Eve mail sent in game

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Sent you an in game mail on how to WIN EVE!

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contact me in-game and we can talk to see how you fit with us.


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If you’re still looking then you may enjoy flying with us…

We are a mature, international corp with members from 23 countries. We are primarily industrial focussed but live in NPC null so have frequent roams and other opportunities for those interested in PVP action

There is more information and a link to our application process here:

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We’re just starting out, and have a somewhat original idea. We’re small and looking for a inital gang to test out our concept. If you’re interested, hit us up ingame!

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Hey there
Check out FS-I corporation. We’re focused mainly on mining/industry so you might be interested.
If so, contact me in-game. EUTZ, but we don’t exclude other TZs :slight_smile:
English speaking, respectful and having fun - that describes us.

Safe travels, capsuleer o7

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We are conquering High Sec. Join us!

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