UK pilot looking for relaxed, EU WH Corp

Evening all.

As the title gives away I am on the lookout for;

  • A WH corp
  • UK or EU TZ (very important and this does not include US corps with a couple of EU members)!
  • Relaxed and inclusive
  • Ops of all different kinds
  • RL comes first attitude

What can I offer?

  • Most importantly in my honest opinion, a friendly chap looking for somewhere to call home and have a laugh be it on PVP ops, or PVE fleets to fund those PVP ops!
  • 100m+ SP pilot with the ability to fly most sub cap ships and with near perfect gunnery, missile and drone skills. Logistic pilot to boot.
  • Scanner alt with industry side.

Not a complete newbie to the WH experience, but will need guiding in places, but more than willing to learn!

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Bump for prime EU time!

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