Returning player, wondering if there are any hi-sec mining corps left

Procuror pilot - training left for exhumers is 23 days. Prefer hi-sec, would consider an established lo-sec corp that could help me with the fit need for lo-sec. I just like mining with corp brothers/sisters. Solo mining is ok but boring. Let me know if you would like me to join here or in game. Thank you.

Chat with Leviathan rising in game. They have three moons in a .5 island that offer good mining and community. Tell them I sent you and chat with Mialta or Sunstar o7

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thanks I will do so.

Thank you to all who responded. I am in a corp now

Greetings we are a caldari hisec corp that aims to help new players into eve. We have 3 moon ops a week, and provide good services like ore buyback on jita price. If interested plz mail me or join naabal discord

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