WTB Caldari faction + Caldari Navy standings toon


Looking for a high caldari faction + navy standings toon.

Preferably going for lower end SP, what you have trained doesn’t matter much to me. All I care about is the standing.

Thanks all!

What Is your budget?

Looking for around 5B as higher end.

Thanks for letting me know. Likely a bit higher than I am looking for. good luck selling!

bump - willing to go higher if standings are very good

bump t





With that sort of budget, your best value is probably going to be to pay USIA to grind you some standings. 📈 We Raise NPC Standings: Lower Broker/RELIST Fees ★ Access Epic Arcs + Mission/R&D Agents ★ And More!

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Hey around 5-10b probably. I’m specifically looking for the standing on another toon, this one already has decent standings.

Then make another toon and then pay them. I’m just giving you the advice that it is likely you will get much more value for Isk buying the standings as a service than buying a toon.



Can tell you he won’t your faction standings prices are insanely high

yeah find me someone with a trade alt with good standings looking to sell it for 5 bil lol. most people with trade alts with good standings probably have all the skills anyway which should put the price tag over 5 bil already. He should spend about 3 bil on getting corp standings ground up, and then go do Data centers - EVE University Wiki for the faction standings.

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Thanks for bump. My range of 5-10b is not static I am open to paying more if the situation requires

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