Wts 201 m sp Cap/Subcap brunette; Supercarriers/Carriers/Dreadnoughts/Titan/BS/Black Ops/Marauders/JF/IRorqual/ Born in 2004

Greetings! :slightly_smiling_face:I am looking for new home. Born in 2004, ready for any kind of activity, fly lots of different ships (caps/subcaps). Check my skill list:

Skill List

Character is sitting in Jita currently, already moved to NPC corp.
2 Jump clones available (both in nul sec)
No kill rights
Wallet green
All rules applied.

BO: 200 bil ISK

I am open for offers

Am I so bad that no one is bidding on me?

they just buy to strip it seems. im in the same boat. i guess dont let the char go above 60m, then just sell it. seems to be the way.

I’ll offer 115B.

Imma be honest with you, a char like yours is just for bragging rights, at this point, for that amount of isk, ppl could buy specced chars thats could do either of your cappabilities on their own for far less, whereas your char can only fly 1 ship at a time, i mean yes… all of them ships but just 1 at a time.

Dont get me wrong, thats how this game is designed, you are capped to a set isk/hr maximum per character using the best ship for the activity you preffer + passives in industry if anything. multiple chars can increase that cap X-fold

130b offer

That is indecently low. Bump!