[Closed]WTB focused PVP subcap char 100M to 250M SP

Maximum budget = 220b.

Can fly all ships below is the MINIMUM requirements:

T3C and T3 destroyers
subcap Minmatar/Gallente/Trigalvian ships with t2 weapons
heavy assault cruisers, command ships, marauders and Blops

Drones, missiles and gunnery skills should be good

No bussiness/industry skills ideally

Share your character(s) and im gonna check them once a day.

Just posted this but 220B may turn out to be too low

Thx for posting your character here.
TBH I dont need any carrier skills, but your char looks good.
220B is my max bid, if you want to sell this char at this price I will take it.

If you could post that bid on my thread it would be the highest bid there. I’d wait a few days to see if better bids come in, if you don’t mind. I’ve seen 250M SP chars go higher than 220b, but who knows.

okay, I will keep watching it dude.

bump, still waiting for a proper char