Returning PvP Pilot

Just seeing what’s going on out there at the moment. About 90m SP PvP pilot mainly orientated in HS/LS however would like the opportunity to re-enter the HS Merc game.

Used to own quite a successful HS Merc corp back int he day so I know the score.


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Well we arent HS or LS, we are however a uk based Corp living in 0.0. So if you ever think meh il try 0.0, come check us out, in game channel is brittas empire public or join our discord just to say hi

Fly safe


Right here dude, got your needs covered unlike the dude above who obviously didnt read what you want in a corp. Lots of war decs going on right now and the occasional blow ■■■■ up contract comes through too.

More details right here:

Now let’s go blow some ■■■■ up together!


Thanks guys, ill have a look. :grinning:

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o/ @Pedro_McCloud

If you are looking for some sub-cap pvp, we will more than happy to welcome you in our ranks.

We are involved in Faction Warfare in which we are the main Minmatar FW alliance. Since 2004, we fight and pvp for the Minmatar cause.

Our warfare is mainly sub-cap solo/small gang pvp fielding 20-40 pilots in fleets for timers but daily plex fleets number 10-20 people. Real life comes first : pvp won’t disappear.

We don’t care about red in the zkillboard : win or lose, you undocked.

Ready your autocannons !

Full add can be found here :

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If you were ever to come to 0.0, My corporation is always looking for more PVP pilots.

come fly in delve, with us.

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