Returning to the game Looking for a corp 37 million sp pilot

I got the EVE bug again and decided to come back to the game it’s been a couple of years and found the corp I was in dead so I am looking for a new home.

I have NEVER done null sec so imagine a complete noob that knows next to nothing there would do more PVE things there but have done PVP in the past

I would prefer high sec and mission and PVE fleets I want to group up and actually do things with the corp not just join and never see anyone doing anything.

I am based in the US my times I can game will change due to work from week to week but I have enough warning to give notice [[ job stuff ]]

I detest drama I want to find someplace that has decent people if I wanted to deal with toxic 14 year olds I would be playing COD or fortnite or LOL.

I fly amarr ships mainly I enjoy the PEW PEW

You support me I will support you. Yes I use Discord, Yes I have a Mic and can do comms and one of the things I would love to learn about is Fleet Command.

Agartha forgeries is looking for fresh blood (Forums Post, Discord)

We live in nullsec - operate AUTZ with a hint of USTZ. If you want to try out a new (and exciting) gameplay style hop on over. You never know if you try, and if your scared; do it scared!

Hello there,

Have you ever considered living in wormholes space? You make a lot more money and the pew pew is actually thoughtful and fun!


Welcome back to space heroin! Deaths consortium is currently recruiting. Were pushing to hit 200 members by the end of the year (115 so far). we are active, have a amazing player base and specialise in black ops and Small gangs. We are looking for players who want to live in null, We have plenty of new bro experts around to help new players.

We have perfect building and reprocessing facilities, Plenty of moons for you to mine and plenty of ratting oppertunities, New members even get a free vexor to start ratting with.

I actually did live in WH space for a bit there I completely forgot about it to be honest hahaha. To be fair it was rather late when I posted that so brain was on autopilot there and didn’t warp to zero. :slight_smile:

We’re PvPers looking to fight people but we make ISK to afford PVE. Other than that, we are building a community of player who become friends and play other game together. If you are interested to discuss about it, here is a discord invitation :

still looking!

Maybe give Pochven a try? We love the color red, triangles, and doritos. Also, our sense of humor is clearly terrible. :rofl: Jokes aside, feel free to join our discord and ask around, fly with us on occasion even if you dont join. Ill provide a link to our forum page, which has our discord included. Fly safe. O7

N. Kondur
Kybernauts Clade

Come and have a chat with one of our recruiters :slight_smile:

From what I have read I believe that you would be a perfect fit for Unbound Reborn. We have access to nullsec and highsec with lots of experience in helping players transition from high sec to null sec as our corp started in high sec. Why don’t you join our recruitment channel to have a chat and we can see if you would fit in :grinning:

didn’t see a link to anything :stuck_out_tongue:

My apologies. That was typed on my phone at work and i must have forgotten our link. Heres one now. Come chill with us and if you like the place, the people and the shoos? Feel free to join.

N. Kondur
Kybernauts Clade

We might be what you are looking for. Come by and have a chat.

In game msg sent

Malkano, in game mail sent, gl on your next adventure, ping back if interested.


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Let us know what you think!!! Look forward to hearing from us. Ive linked our zkill for reference.

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