Returning vet looking for active corp

Hi. Could always use more interceptors and dps on our fleets. We do roams and strat ops every day. We also farm killmails in Pochven.

Ikitursas vs Barghests+Nightmares
Ikitursas vs Marauders

Cherry Defense Systems is a USTZ corp in an EUTZ alliance. We actively scout lowsec and will flash form for gas sites. Alliance does several strategic ops and roams daily, mostly in EU timezone. Right now there are some proxy wars in Cloud Ring and Placid between the blocs. The Initiative absorbed much of BL0B after V0LTA lost a cap fight and got pushed out of Fade+Deklein. We are survivors from that war, now taking the fight back to Panfam with some juicy Fortizar kills. Ops have been very successful this month and morale is high. We have territory in Fountain, Pochven and Curse. There are always FCs ready to form, and miners looking for gas. The more guns we have the further we can push into enemy territory.