Returning Vet player LF Amarr Faction Warfare Corp

Hello all, I’m returning after a LONG hiatus of just skill changing and spinning ships. I tried getting back at the beginning of 2020 but then Covid hit and I could not play as I got stuck in another country.

Anyways back to the order of things, I love PVP but after so long I’m pretty darn rusty at it, especially with so many things changing within the game. So, as I really like Amarr, I was thinking that joining the FW on their side might be a fun way to get that rust off of my wings.

Let me know if you got a spot for me!

Fly safe o/

EDIT: Forgot to mention, I’m Omega since well ever, and have a lot of SPs. If you need any details let me know.


Bump, still looking!

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Hey Shaktar,
We like that that you spin ships but we can offer you a lot more if you’re interested, especially in pvp, come and have a chat with us…

Our recruitment channel is ‘‘505 Public Channel’’

Hi Shaktar, we are about as Amarrian as you can get, we are whats left over from Empress Jamyl Sarums attempt to create immortal soldiers! Please drop in to our den of inequity in game channel OUTREMER for a drop or two.


Thank you both for the reply, but I’m looking for a Faction War corp at this time.

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