Revival. - Nullsec Sov - PVP - EUTZ


Revival. want to expand our membership and are looking for new corp-mates to join us for adventures in null-sec.

We’re a relatively small corp, friendly, intimate. You will get to know everyone. We are corp minded, we work together, bringing our individual skills to play where we can.

We are committed to supporting our alliance in PVP. We’re active in fleets and will encourage you to fly roles that interest you, and to excel at them. We have members with experience across a range of disciplines both PVP and PVE.

We are a member of The Bastion alliance within The Imperium coalition. We are based in Fountain region where we hold several constellations of sov-null.

Why Revival

  • Active, experienced corp leadership
  • Alliance Ship Replacement Programme
  • Corp Buyback Programme
  • Nullsec Sov = Alliance moons including R64s, Ice, Ratting
  • Jump Freighter Services
  • The markets, services and SIGs of one of the largest coalitions in the game


  • Comfortably participate in 10 fleets per month
  • Capable of being isk self-sufficient in null-sec
  • Headset with a mic for fleet comms
  • ESI Auth for all characters to corp SEAT and alliance services
  • EU Timezone preferred


CEO – Riever Geist

Public channel in game: Revival.

Discord recruitment channel: Revival. Recruitment Discord