Revival. - Nullsec Sov - PVP - EUTZ


Revival. want to expand our membership and are looking for new corp-mates to join us for adventures in null-sec.

We’re a relatively small corp, friendly, intimate. You will get to know everyone. We are corp minded, we work together, bringing our individual skills to play where we can.

We are committed to supporting our alliance in PVP. We’re active in fleets and will encourage you to fly roles that interest you, and to excel at them. We have members with experience across a range of disciplines both PVP and PVE.

We are a member of Get Off My Lawn alliance within The Imperium coalition. We are based in Delve region where we hold some systems of sov-null.

Why Revival

  • Active, experienced corp leadership
  • Alliance Ship Replacement Programme
  • Good quality corp moons
  • Corp Buyback Programme
  • Nullsec Sov = Alliance moons including R64s, Ice, Ratting
  • Jump Freighter Services
  • The markets, services and SIGs of one of the largest coalitions in the game


  • Comfortably participate in 10 fleets per month
  • Capable of being isk self-sufficient in null-sec
  • Headset with a mic for fleet comms
  • ESI Auth for all characters to corp SEAT and alliance services
  • EU Timezone preferred


CEO – Riever Geist

Public channel in game: Revival.

Discord recruitment channel: Revival. Recruitment Discord

We now have our corp moon programme up and running.
Come mine with us, fly with us, fight with us.

Revival. are celebrating our first anniversary of the corp today.
One year old, stronger than ever.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Revival.

Our March poster reflects the corp’s contributions to both The Bastion’s support of alliance pilots affected by conflict in Ukraine, and to CCP’s Plex for Good.

We stand with our fellow pilots around the world. Peace is no game.

Currently we’re deployed and enjoying lots of pvp action. Our in-corp FCs are running daily fleets.

Looking for some new pilots interested in pvp to join us.

Our time in Bastion has come to an end as the alliance closes its doors. We are grateful to Carneros for the opportunity to found the corp there and good times.

We’re also happy to announce that we have joined the alliance Get Off My Lawn who have made us very welcome. We look forward to welcoming you too.


We’ve been part of the Delve Victrix team for Anger Games 5, going out after a very close match on Sunday. We’ll enjoy watching the remaining teams fight it out over the next couple of weekends, and look forward the the Alliance Tournament in the autumn. If you are interested in tournament, we can get you started.

We’ve been defending some of our structures and attacking some of our enemies. Shout out to our friends who join us for the good fights.

Steady summer month supporting the Imperium’s deployment and doing some industry in the background. We’d be happy to talk to anyone interested in joining us. Find our public channels in game or in Discord.

With deployments over for a bit, we’ve been using the time to upgrade our infrastructure and get some regular roaming. Plenty to keep you busy, come join us.

We’re heading out on our first corp deployment, and we’ve brought some of our roam friends along for the ride. Are you ready for the Danger Zone?

Out along the edges, Always where I burn to be

Deployment was a lot of fun and some good practice on skills we were rusty on. We took a hostile ihub down, gate camped, roamed and ended the year by taking a capital to visit our hostile neighbours.

Now we’re back in Imperium space for a little while. If we sound like we might be a good home for you, get in touch.

Today marks Revival.'s second anniversary. We are celebrating with our alliance Lawn, by hosting a quiz and scavenger hunt. Prizes are up for grabs!

As the corp matures, we’re refining our recruitment to ensure the quality of the corp increases. We’re looking for pilots with a professional attitude who are engaged with the game, keen to participate in fleets and roams and to be part of life in the corp.

“I’ve come here to get high, to do more than just get by
I’ve come to test the timbre of my heart”

Come and Let us show you Eve, with Passion.
“And I have come to be untroubled in my seeking
And I have come to see that nothing is for naught”

With Friends and Support. With Commitment to better Alliances.
“I’ve come to trade the harvest for the seed”

With Moons, Pocos, Ratting Space. Build with us.
“I have come here to get broke and then maybe bum a smoke
We’ll go drinking two towns over after all”

With Weekly Roams: Hone your Pvp Skills whilst Hanging out with your Friends.
“I’ve come from down the road and my footsteps never slowed
Before we met I knew we’d meet”

Revival. What have you come for?

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ISD Drew - thank you for your help.

We’re enjoying the summer at a relaxed pace. Our Alliance Tournament mercenaries are through to the real event and getting some practice in. Otherwise, we’re supporting a few fleets, roaming with our friends, and doing some mining and ratting. We’ve got plenty of time to welcome you, drop by our public Discord if you’re interested in the corp.

We roam every week, with varied types of fleets. This week was our Heist event and every pilot went home with 300mil. Want some fun? Get in touch.

Last week’s roam went Reykjavik for Fanfest. We had our first corp meal at Harpa. Really good to meet more of the corp and our friends in person. Thank you for a fantastic time.