ReZeon Conglomerate - No better place to relax in Space


Do you hear that? Hopefully its the crash of waves against the virtual space beaches, the tingle of ice jockeying to be at the top of your drink of choice and the tickling beeps on your communicator telling you your wallet just received isk.

Welcome to New Eden’s best virtual resort. No better place to hang up the headset and park those scheduled obligations.

What is ReZeon Conglomerate?
I can sell you any kind of snake oil, but we’re not like that here. Our philopsphy is to take things a little less serious than your typical alliances and corporations. We started as a haven for mecha dweebs and people who want to play EVE first and commit second. After all, video games shouldn’t be work. Your virtual holiday starts here.

EVE isn’t a job - Ditch the armchair generals and virtual clock-ins.

Looking for duders who are all kinds of chill.

Requirements? Hardly any but we would prefer people willing to take things slow and aren’t overly ambitious to be the next space el presidente. Looking for mature players, of any age. Roughly at least 1m SP. North American players will benefit from our US TZ based corp but all are welcome.

We offer:

  • 0.5% tax.
  • Discord - purely optional
  • Small PVP - Of varying quality hehe but always looking for a fight if that is what you’re about
  • Lots of blues and cooperation in our local system - There’s more of us than you’d think!
  • Connections to frequent wormholes and the thrills that come with it.
  • Low-sec opportunity nearby - With all the reds already marked for you!
  • Some of the best PVE opportunities locally in high sec
  • Moon Mining - and with some really nice space rocks (with no obligaiton)
  • The ability to defend ourselves.
  • Carefree & arrogant-less environment - no more egos!
  • Freighter, Jump Freight and Covert Ops - your still will get here.
  • Manufacturing, reprocessing capabilities, buy & sell resources
  • Local or 1-2 jump away lead to ice & omber mining.
  • Within The Forge so you can see Jita’s musk from the horizon (and the market)

If any of this appeals to you - send Darius Stukeff a message / mail or apply directly to the ReZeon Conglomerate corporation in game. Also replying to this thread, though that make time as we are infrequent to these forums. Expect a few questions if you aren’t up front about yourself.

Now if you decide to settle with ReZeon, pull up a chair and come enjoy the view by our virtual beach.

Cya soon Spacecowboy,


Friendly bump! :- )

Another bump! Crack a beer as we crack a moon. No need to count down the clock when playing with us!

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