(RHEAP) Sov Null Sec Corp, Looking for new recruits. New player Friendly

Grim Rheapers is looking for players, old or new, in any timezone.

We are looking for players who are interested in living and working with a relaxed group and helping us grow. RL always comes first. At present, we offer opportunities for PvE, Small and Large Scale PvP, PI and Mining. If you are on, we expect you to be active within our alliance Constellation
but have no forced time commitments.

Grim Rheapers currently specializes in everything PI related, from planning, building and selling, with a high focus on Industry and Salvage. As a corporation we are only just starting to recruit for the first time, but don’t let that go against us as we are just one corporation of many.

We are a member of the League 0f Grumpy 0ld Farts (L0G0F) alliance, a Sov holding
alliance in Scalding Pass, with access to R64 and R32 moons.
We are a small community of like-minded, mature players who appreciate both the
PVE and PVP sides of the game and enjoy the game as a sandbox.
Us and European TZ Corporations make up part of L0G0F, but we are
predominantly a AUTZ Alliance.
We are looking for members interested in being part of something young, fresh, and
new, and helping us grow into a tight-knit community of capsuleers, living and flying in
the far-flung reaches of New Eden.

Our requirements:
· Above 4,000,000 Skill Points and Omega preferable , but not mandatory.
· Access to Discord and Teamspeak 3 and a willingness to be on Comms and interact within the community.
· A willingness to learn and participate in PvP from time to time
· Willingness to use (or train into) a few doctrine ships for alliance ops
· A standard ESI check
· Setting up SEAT for allied comms and our forums
· Join home defense CTA and Strat Ops where RL permits
· 1 Alliance Op every week is encouraged to help generate isk for facilities and services
· Must attend any L0G0F CTA’s called while online

What we provide:
· Relaxed and Easy going growing community with a chill laid back environment.
· Encouragement and helpful direction in game
· Affordable Jump Freighter service to home station
· Alliance facilities for cloning/industry/trade/research
· Opportunities to sell Ore, PI, Ice, and Salvage within Alliance and surrounding markets.

Public In Game Channel : Grim Rheapers Public

bumping for an alliance mate, this is a good corp to join if you want a relaxed null sec life.

Still accepting applications. Null is where the ISK reward is at!

We are still recruiting, Industrialist moon miners paradise with plenty of PI opportunities over constellation

We are still recruiting and expanding to new systems. Plenty of space for Individuals or corps to join our Alliance

Still recruiting.
Expanded into new systems, Full constellation of control.
Opportunities growing with growing numbers in Alliance

Market facilities now installed in our Capital system and seeding has begun!
If you are looking for a Moon to rent, we have several available.

Still recruiting!
Our alliance is growing with new pilots almost everyday

Bumping for good measure! :wink:

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