RHP Looking for Pilots and Corps 00/HS

           ❆❆ Arctic Dragons ❆❆


English-speaking 0.0 corporation. Nullsec, PvE, PvP and Industry corporation.
Nullsec corp based out of Esoteria.

DIR: vohees EN Legend

Chat Channel: Arctic Dragons
Corp Discord: Discord
Killboard: Arctic Dragons | Corporation | zKillboard

We have no main TZ, we gather players all around the world.
Respect (between members and towards others)

  • Willingness to help other members
  • Participate in corporation and alliance activities and fleets
  • Mature, social and drama free 18+
  • Connect to Teamspeak & Discord coms & chat
  • Willing to train into doctrine ships, Null sec space has to be defended.

We encourage our members to pursue any activities they wish and we are very understanding about EVE being only a game.

Join the cold of the Arctic Dragons. We look for greatness.

If you want to have story time. Alliances the founder passed through as leadership and former FC. ( Section XIII / Primary / Gents Club / Atlas Alliance / Ev0ke. / EON Alliance / CO2 / HORDE / INIT).

ツ ツstart up program for corpsツ ツ

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ツ ツツstart up program for corpsツ ツツ

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ツ ツstart up program for corpsツ ツ

ツ ツstart up program for corpsツ ツ

So I’ve been every where in my time playing eve. Now I’m looking to kind of mellow out in highsec.
Indy is talked allot in this advertisement page but no general location for high sec Indy and allot about every time zone but US time zone. Looking to join but not wanting to kick the can on the 4th of july weekend

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