Butterflyght [HSRHP] - Fulfil your dream in Highsec!

o7 Pilot,

We’re glad that you could make it. Do you care about Highsec? If so, you have come to the right place! We are an upcoming corporation recruiting new members, and whether you are alpha or omega status, everyone is welcome!

With us, you will have access to the best possible way to find your way into the game. We can offer you a great start with a unique advantage by helping you through all the difficulties of starting your career as a beginner pilot.

We have all the necessary infrastructure and resources available for you to immediately get started in mining, industry and trade. If that hasn’t caught your attention yet, with only 1% corp-taxes you will have the highest possible opportunity to transform your dream into reality, whatever it may be!

And if you experience any difficulty along the way, you need not worry. As a member of the powerful Federation of Respect Honor Passion Alliance (RHP), you can feel safe in the knowledge that you have a community of hundreds of experienced players behind your back.

Alongside us, you can fulfil your dream in EVE! Become part of the Butterflyght and join the RHP network today!

We are active in both the EU and US time zones. You may get in contact with us here, and we look forward to hearing from you:


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