** Rift Dynamics [R1FTD] Wormhole Corp**

** Rift Dynamics [R1FTD] Wormhole Corp**
** C4 with c2/c4 statics **

Rift Dynamics is a new corporation in EVE Online, and we’re looking for pilots who are interested in helping us build something great. We’re a group of dedicated and enthusiastic players who are passionate about wormhole exploration, PVP, and industry.

** Content **

  • C4/C5 Krabing
  • small gang roams
  • Wormhole PvP
  • c2 chain explo

** Requirements **

  • understanding of wormhole mechanics
  • non-praxis roller (Raven, Megathron etc.)
  • cov-ops (Buzzard, Astero, etc.)
  • any t3c


Still Recruiting Discord

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