RIOT he Big Bad Wolf

There is big bad wolf near dodixie extorting money from high sec structure owners.

Is there a local defense force that protects the locals from bullies such as RIOT?

If so , where do I sign up?

No, herding pve players into a ball or alliance does not produce a pvp defence force.

As for signing up, no you need to pay up.

As a pve player you should pay the person attacking you. Have they made an offer & how much?

I think you will find opening discussions with them would be a good start, I am sure you can pay for structure safety and the rates quite reasonable. If not then don’t put down structures that you cannot defend, unless you can afford to lose them is the general rule


Make sure to threaten, belittle and insult them (bonus points if all three in the same sentence) that might intimidate them and lower their fees to leave you alone.


(Your thread is a good start considering you call them bullies and whatnot. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: )

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  • noun*
  1. a person who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those whom they perceive as vulnerable.
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See if I was RIOT I would charge you more now :wink:

Just pay them.

It’s a matter of perspective. You see it as bullying, they see it as the core reason for playing eve in the first place: making enemy things go boom in space.

Expecting people not to declare war on you when you’re war eligible is like expecting people from the opposing team not to shoot you in a game like call of duty.

Pay the cost of their protection racket, accept the loss or face the fact that some aspects of eve require you to compete in the ships go boom part of the game.

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It is a legitimate play style, as is fighting back.

Bullies count on you don’t nothing out of fear.

Your structure will explode if you don’t pay them.



That’s the point. :wink:

I’d check alliances that they are currently wardecking and see if you can join them in their defence so they can help with yours. Otherwise you’d have to hire a corp to help you protect your structure which might be more expensive than what Riot demands.


You could consider trying to organize one. If you aren’t in to PvP at all, it might make more sense to try and get all the local high-sec structure owners into a common defense fund where you agree that when someone shows up to extort money from one of you, all of you pitch in to hire mercenary corporations to attack them.

This is a much worse deal up front because it will definitely be more expensive to fund a war than to pay the tax; the plan operates on the theory that eventually you will stop having to deal with it once word gets around.

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Have fun defending your tower learn from it , next time try and join a corp with like minded people who will fight for what they want to keep.
The only thing you will learn by paying RIOT is how to transfer money from your wallet to theirs.

Look for others in your area ,band together make it hard for them , the story you get out of putting up a fight will be memorable.

Then when it’s over start again and you will be better for it.

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So what did happen , please update us and where is RIOT’s war HQ

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It was a friend who was war decced by them, she told them where to stick it.

Their HQ is called the Jail, it is an Astrahus in Odette.

They haven’t wiped her out yet so I guess they are scared of her.


No they are not scared of her.


We, along with other groups, reinforced the RIOT structure in Odette over the weekend, it has a final timer this week, if we are successful all the wars on that structure will drop.


That’s good news for many, this type of thing follows old Hell Dawn around good work as always

Smiles @God_Emperor_Kane

Oh no… Don’t put me on a pedestal here. I do the same thing.

We are only doing that for specific reasons. Normally we would not not even bother. Each group functions in their respective area and we like to keep it like that. I prefer civil discourse between groups to keep our gameplay alive instead it devolving into slug fests. Not that I mind it either but it detracts me from making isk.