[RNG] Renegade Alliance [WH/Null] Daily Content. PVP/Mining

Renegade Services, Free Null Alliance

Tire of nullbloc politics? Blacklisted cause of your corp history? Want to pewpew and ninja mine all the major nullblocs? Then you have 2 current flavors to join depending on your taste:

Voltic Legions, head of Renegade Services. The military power of the alliance. Electrifying pvp and ninja mining nullsec corporation. We take the fight to the nullblocs as we seek our own SOV.

-5mil SP
-T2 medium weaponry trained or skilling into all of the T2 fun
-level 3 or better battlecruisers
-discord for comms

-small gang
-SOV warfare
-DED escalations
-ninja mining
-WH day tripping
-gate camps
-Mercenary action[ONLY time a nullbloc will be blued]

You cannot have military power without the Indy backbone to support the alliance. Welcome to OreWorks Industry where the ORE is KING.

Requirements: Newbros/alphas welcome
-as long as you able to mine in a venture and rat in a vexor, you good to join
-follow mining taxes

-85% jita eveprasial buyback
-50% DED escalation split
-T1 ship SRP[goes for both corps]
-DST hauling services

-daily BOOSTED mining fleets
-escalation ratting fleets
-ninja huffing

Renegade is the place to be

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