Road to 1 billion isk with GG

Greetings capsuleers! My name is Papapants and I am the CEO of Galactic Games.

Our purpose is to assist in all our members to reach 1 billion isk. If you’re having issues making money, with a little hard work and dedication, you too can be a billionare!

What are we looking for?
Friendly and chill pilots who want to learn how to make isk.
Treasure Hunters

-Wormhole Home System-
     -Nullsec Ores-
     -Moon Mining-
        -T4 PI-
    -High Sec static-
     -Fleet Boosts-
   -Chill Atmosphere-
   -New Bro Friendly-

What is Galactic Games?
We are an eponymous gaming community who prize a laid back attitude above all else. We play many other games such as:

-Rocket League
-and many more!


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