Take your mining to the next level with Galactic Games!

Se Habla Español!

Greetings capsuleers! My name is Papapants and I am the CEO of Galactic Games. I created a mining corp with an emphasis on a fun and friendly atmosphere. If you’re looking for a place to mine, explore and do industry, look no further. We’re a small corp, so if you’re looking for a big PVP corp I’ll suggest Pandemic Horde, Brave Newbies or Dreddit!

What does Galactic Games offer you?

     -Nullsec Ores-
     -C2 Wormhole-
        -T4 PI-
        -0% tax-
    -High Sec static-
     -Fleet Boosts-
   -Chill Atmosphere-
   -New Bro Friendly-
     -Moon Mining-

What is Galactic Games?
We are an eponymous gaming community who prize a laid back attitude above all else. We play many other games such as:

-and many more!

Convo/evemail Papapants for more info.

Bumping for eternal glory.




Do you accept alpha accounts?

yea sure! i’ll send you a msg in game

Could u tell me what moons have ur corp? o en español, también xD, somos un colega y yo con aprox 25 cuentas de hulk/rorqual buscando minar lunas ‘caras’… estamos buscando espacio/corp y si es con españoles, mejor

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Bumping for glory

Bumping for glory


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