NEXGEN INDUSTRY Miners & Industrialists needed!

Our Mission -Make EVE Great again-

  • The goal is to create an environment where we can have fun and learn how eve works while accommodating our members with mining ops and fleets, training, scanning Mission running, Industrial chains and all in between.
    We are mostly laid back relaxed adults playing eve to chill.

FAQ -->> Nexgen Industry FAQ .pdf - Google Drive

What we offer

  • Ore/Gas/Moon goo buyback
  • Alpha friendly
  • Discord available
  • Classes on every aspect of eve are available
  • Low tax 1%
  • No wars
  • Relaxed and calm environment
  • Freedom of speech
  • Us and EU time zones
  • Friendly co players
  • Vet knowledge on most aspects of the game
  • Friendly and competent alliance
  • Roams and Ops for mining, pve
  • IRL comes first
  • Weekly awards and giveaways

What we are looking for
-Miners and pve players
-Industrial players
-No skill point requirements
-All players welcome

We are also looking for activity leaders and people wanting to help other people.

Find us in game in our chat channel- “Mining Enthusiasts
Nex#1544 --My discord–
Feel free to Message me in game on discord or reply

Where are you located?

Near Dodixie

Looking for recruiters We pay per member discord for more info

Still looking


Bump lol >_>


I joined this corp a little while ago and it’s been great fun! Lots of activities to choose from with some good fleet commanders. Whether you want to pew pew or shoot rocks there is a place for you here!

Darth Dad

coming Soon to Join my Dad