Pura Olive Oil Company Needs Miners!

We are a community of players that enjoy mining and have chosen to mine as our main activity. We also have wormhole access, and do missions. Need help playing the game? Look no further! We are very new player friendly. Alpha players are welcome.

We are actively looking for other players, new and old, that share this enthusiasm for making isk. If that is you, just apply to [GPOO] !

Corp offers:

  • Orca fleet mining
  • Ore buyback programme
  • Free mining charges
  • NO-tax refine at corp citadel
  • Lots of game experience to profit from
  • SRP programme for shiplosses
  • Shared BPO set.
  • Moon mining

English, Dutch speaking players.

Still looking for miners, and allround people.

Sub Inc. Is a corporation that is interested in Joint-Ops with other corporations that have thought about running sites or mining resources in wormhole space. If you guys have any interest in something like this; Feel free to reach out anytime.

Sub Inc. Come see what Undocking can do for you.

Unfortunatedly not Mortlare.

We can however use more miners wanting to get rich :slight_smile:

Miners and builders are still always welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

If a recruiter would be interested to aid me, contact me directly!

are you still accepting?

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