Join your growing corp

New miners need to fill your growing corp. join us or message Cutlure corillian

miners new and old join our ranks to grow our small corporation in a 0.5 system. one jump from 0.4 if you like to roam.

New player friendly no test to pass.
Ore Buyback Program
Orca-boosted mining fleets
No Skill Points minimum required to join
Friendly atmosphere
Alpha player welcome to join
Wardec immunity
1% tax rate
Omega’s most welcome to join our corp,

skills we would like everyone to have and or learn as alpha

Request that you have a positive attitude and a community outlook. message for details. We are stronger and richer together. lets talk about the future

In game contact ,

Cutlure corillian

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Sounds interesting :slight_smile:

hello, would there be any sort of questions? which area of the game do you or do you want to learn in the area of mining and and or industry

Mail ingame sent :slight_smile:


ingame mail sent

hey jerry message me in game

th caleb we try to remain neutral. we could use a friend in your system anytime

Send me in game email


Sounds Interesting.

Sub Inc. Is a corporation that is interested in Joint-Ops with other corporations that have thought about running sites or mining resources in wormhole space. If you guys have any interest in something like this; Feel free to reach out anytime.

Sub Inc. Come see what Undocking can do for you.

hey sorry i was on vacation last week did you find a corp yet?


we do not want to be in any alliance. no war decs.

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