Rogue Drone carrier

Rogue drone carrier rats have the ability to release drones as fighers.
Could we possibly pilot a rogue drone carrier that uses Normal drones as fighters?

My proposal:
Survivability: similar to a thanatos
slot layout:5/5/5

Fighter bay: can hold 9 groups of heavies + 3 groups of heavy support drones(max skill)

Light fighters: can use heavy attack drones and medium scout drones as light fighters. 15x drones/ fighter group

Support fighters: can use support drones as support fighters. 6 drones/group

Role bonus:
Can use medium and heavy drones as fighters
+60% drone HP
Can use 1 command burst
Can launch light/support fighters(3 tubes)
+120% command burst range
Can scoop enemy drones(disconnected enemy drones) to launch tubes and fighter hangar
Can connect to enemy drones(disconnected enemy drones) using a pulse generator(15km range),65% success rate per 1 cycle( 30s)
Fighter hangar repairs 3% drone hull, armor and shield per second
Can draw enemy drones closer using a tractor beam
+2% drone damage/ gallente carrier level
+2% drone tracking bonus/ Amarr carrier level
+25% drone speed/ Minmatar carrier level
+150% repair drone effectiveness
+3% armor resistance/ Amarr Carrier level
+2% shield resistance/Caldari carrier level
+5% tractor beam pull speed/ Gallente carrier level

Requires the skill fighters I to launch any type of drones, but the drones still use drone skill Bonuses(not fighter skills Bonuses)

As you can see, this ship does not have the ability to use sirens, but it can use several webification drones to severely slow a ship. It can Also track targets extremely well, and requires less skills to fly well, but its drones are more fragile than fighters. Also, the battlefield After a while would be littered with drones, which creates the perfect oppertunity for this to shine. She would recycle enemy drones and use them against the enemies themselves. Her armor/shield resistances creates time for her.


There was a point where carriers did use ‘normal drones’, and lots of them (I forget exact numbers) but this was all changed to fighters to reduce load on the servers (having a fleet of carriers all drop 10+ drones impacts performance significantly), so I don’t think you’ll get to see any new type of carrier that can use normal drones.


However, it’s like counting drones as fighters, which means that when deployed the 15 drones are converted to 1 fighters squadron, and They behave Like Normal fighters, unlike the previous version of carriers.

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