Rogue University Wants You!

Are you a pilot who has felt the call of EVE, but haven’t been able to find the community that fits you?

EVE Online is a deeply rewarding experience, with endless potential to generate amazing stories. It can also be extremely intimidating and sports a notoriously steep learning curve. But you don’t have to go at it alone!

Rogue University is dedicated to welcoming and training new and returning players into lethal, money making machines. We run (optional) classes every weekend on all topics ranging from basic fleet mechanics, to industry, to PVP fundamentals and everything in between. An active Discord of like minded individuals and dedicated academic staff are always on hand to answer your questions and provide support. Rogue University provides pilots with a supportive community to foster growth and retention.

Upon joining you will gain access to vast tracts of nullsec sovereign territory, industry and mining structures, and the full backing of The Rogue Consortium (DOTLAN) alliance.

Are you ready to learn from the best and take your experience to the next level? Do you have what it takes to forge your destiny and make your fortunes in nullsec? Then submit an application in game or join our Discord server Rogue University and ping for @Recruiter you’ll be on the road towards galactic domination in no time.


  • PVP: Daily roams, fleets, & capital warfare
  • PVE: Site running / mission fleets
  • Mining: Daily standing fleets with mining boosts
  • Moons/Planets: Moon mining & low-tax Planetary Interaction
  • Industry: Building, reprocessing, and invention with max bonuses
  • Exploration: farming paths with intel


  • Low tax rate
  • Generous SRP
  • 90% market buyback
  • Regular classes on everything EVE

Fly safe. Fly together. Fly Rogue.

Come join us. We have cake.

Cake may be gone but there is plenty of ice for mining.

Returning players welcome! If you are back and need a bit of a refresher check out Rogue University.

Bump for some good weekend content.

Good classes happening this weekend and rocks to be mined.

Bump, lots of activity going on with the event systems.

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