Roleplay corp: Mortis Angelus, created 2004 and reopening 2019 after a long hibernation

Mortis angelus was founded back in 2004 and during the years we manage grow to be a force with a long history attached to its name. This time our gameplay will be focused in roleplay.

We are death angels with one task and one task only, to send all trapped souls in eve back to the purgatory. All souls needs to find their way back to hell and we are the ones that will bring them peace.

We will not take part in any sov warfare nor take part in any type of politics, the only blues you will ever have are your follow death angels.

As member you will not be asked to do anything you don´t want nor have any obligations of any kind. But we do appreciate that you are are active on coms and in-game if you are going to log into the game.

As member you will be part of a family and your opinions will be taken into consideration.

You wont need to provide any type of api since we do not have any assets to loose and we don´t have anything to be afraid off nor nothing worth spying on:)

Mortis angelus is a pvp only corp. We will be focused in EU timezone to start with and in time grow into other zones to get a better covered.

We don´t have any SP limits nor requirements of any kind.

If you find this interesting please feel free to talk to us.

In-game channel: Mortis info
Discord server.
Corp killboard

Bump lads

We are still looking for new family members that appreciate a good gank/roam

Morts is still looking for new family members that appreciate a good camp and small pvp roam

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