RONA Corporation - Be Part of History

RONA Corporation has been around since EvE started, and we have members that have been active since beta. Come be a part of our history!

RONA is a member of Blue Sun Interstellar Technologies alliance / The 7th Estate coalition, based in nullsec. We are mostly comprised of low-drama veterans that would love to fly with more like-minded pilots.

What we offer:
☼ Small-Scale Corp and Alliance Fleets
☼ Coalition Fleets
☼ Strong US and EU timezones with a decent AU/NZ presence
☼ Guidance for PvP and PvE, as well as the opportunity to lead fleets yourself
☼ Fitted ships on contract and SRP if you lose them on a fleet
☼ Jump Freighter services and corp buy-back tools to keep you resupplied and to sell your loot
☼ Monthly prizes & incentives based on participation in both PvP and PvE

☼ Teamspeak, Discord, and Alliance Services use
☼ Active participation on fleets
☼ Self-motivating/reliant (no hand-holding required) - we will teach you but you have to learn!

If you like what we have to offer, join our public channel RONA Combined and chat with us!

Bump up!

Have had some great convos with interested folks. Don’t hesitate to join ‘RONA Combined’ [in-game channel], or shooting me an EVEmail!

Remember to ask about our free skill book programs!

Be sure to check out our ad in Gentleman’s Quarterly.

Still recruiting, and lots of great content incoming!

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