[RONA.] - PvP/PvE Corp Recruitment

Corporation looking for like minded pilots to join our ranks. For veterans and new players alike. Based in High and SOV Null security systems. Daily content, fun, and laid back atmosphere. We are mainly a NA tz group but we are slowly expanding into EU tz.

We Offer:

♢ Gate Camps | Yeet Fleets | Small Gang Roams

♢ Buyback Program

♢ Alliance SRP

♢ Moons | Ice mining


  • Discord / Mumble

  • Corp & Alliance Auth

  • 5 mil SP minimum

If interested or have any questions, join " RONA Pub" and chat with a recruiter.

Do you need to show proof of vaccination to join RONA.?

You will need to quarantine for 2 weeks after leaving the RONA Pub

Sounds awesome.

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