Roqual Pilot

Selling Myself:

10,4 Mio Skillpoints

Start at: 9B ISK

BO: 10,5 B ISK

9b Isk ready.

10.5b b/o @Hiroshi_Kato

10.75, above buyout

11b B/O!

11.25b B/O!

12b B/O!

12.1B B/O

isk is ready and waiting for transfring。

12,1 accepted. Transfer can be started after my working Day, in 5 hours.

thanks。if you are online,please send me a notice mail in game。 and now,i will send you a mail for the price and wait for your confirm mail in game。

Mail sent

isk sent

didnt recive your mail。

Transfer started

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