[SOLD] WTS High Quality Focused RORQUAL Pilot 24m SP +300k

Selling Focused High Yield Rorqual toon
Starting at 23bn ISK

Located in Duripant (HS)
Positive Wallet
No Kill RIghts
No Jump Clones

Confirming i am for sale

bump :slight_smile:

Ty singur :heart:

20b b/o

Noted. Ty for the bid but looking for higher.

21 b final offer


21.5b If you think it’s OK, we’ll close the deal!

i can offer 23B,you skill was good

offer 24b you’re responsible for the transfer can we deal? :joy: :joy:

i offer 25B,and you are responsible for transfer?

Yes i will be responsible for transfer. Highest bidder is currently Moashang at 25bn

How long did you take to train that toon up and is cyber 5 a priority at the start?

Cyber V would be a priority yes for the training implants. I personally only trained about 5m sp while i used the toon, somebody else did the rest.

shall we deal?

If there are no more bids by tomorrow i will call it at your bid.


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Current highest bidder: momojo @ 25.5bn
If it is still highest bid by tomorrow bidding will end.

26b offer