WTS 20.5m SP Very focused Rorqual Pilot


-Located in Jita, no killright, positive wallet, Positive sec status. 2 Remaps available.
-Almost Perfect Yield ( Just missing Mining Drone spec 5 ).
-JDC5, can use Panic, t2 Indus core.
-A lot of skillbooks injected already.
-Cyber 5 & +5s for skillfarming.

Starting Price: 22b
BO: 26.5b

23 bil.

26 bil

ok noted

26 bil buyout if the other guy falls through. Isk ready.

My offer still stands. I’m online and have isk ready.

No reply from the other guy and you offered 26.5 bill ingame.
So im accepting your offer instead.

Send me isk & account name and i’ll start the transfert

Isk and Account Info sent.

character should be underway

I got the transfer email. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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