WTS 20.5m SP Very focused Rorqual Pilot

(Swordstake Motsu) #1


-Located in Jita, no killright, positive wallet, Positive sec status. 2 Remaps available.
-Almost Perfect Yield ( Just missing Mining Drone spec 5 ).
-JDC5, can use Panic, t2 Indus core.
-A lot of skillbooks injected already.
-Cyber 5 & +5s for skillfarming.

Starting Price: 22b
BO: 26.5b

(MetaTrader) #2

23 bil.

(Incove Itonula) #3

26 bil

(Swordstake Motsu) #4

ok noted

(MetaTrader) #5

26 bil buyout if the other guy falls through. Isk ready.

(MetaTrader) #6

My offer still stands. I’m online and have isk ready.

(Swordstake Motsu) #7

No reply from the other guy and you offered 26.5 bill ingame.
So im accepting your offer instead.

Send me isk & account name and i’ll start the transfert

(MetaTrader) #8

Isk and Account Info sent.

(Swordstake Motsu) #9

character should be underway

(MetaTrader) #10

I got the transfer email. Thanks! :slight_smile:

(system) #11

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