[SOLD] WTS High Quality Focused RORQUAL Pilot 24m SP +300k

Current highest bidder: Elena X @ 26bn
If it is still highest bid by tomorrow bidding will end.

26.5b offer

Current highest bidder: momojo @ 26.5bn
If it is still highest bid by tomorrow evening bidding will end.

this dude just keeps moving it for next day as it suits him, lol what a joke. I retract my bid.

I said “if it is still the highest bid”. You were outbid. Im sorry if i confused you.
Highest bidder still momojo.

you know what you are doing and what i mean, but keep on pretending :smiley: no confusion at all mate

Please let me know if you are ready to switch roles

Bid of 26.5bn accepted. Please send ISK and account name to Bitfrombehind.

Which account is receiving ISK

send both to “Bitfrombehind” The account name should be the one you want the char transferred to.

I’m the payer.
Receipient: mojierong02

It takes time for ISK transfer. I will send THE ISK tomorrow. I will send you an email when I finish sending the ISK

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ISK sent

26bn received. Agreed amount was 26.5, when I get home and I have the other 0.5 I will start the transfer.

Sorry, I made a mistake. 0.5 has been sent

Full funds recieved. I will begin transfer when I get home at around 1700 eve time.

Transfer initiated, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you.

Transfer message received.